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We offer a comprehensive wide range of exceptional administrative, secretarial, and word-processing services in a virtual environment to help you reduce costs and utilize resources to increase productivity for tasks that can be completed in a virtual environment so you can focus on other things.


We are 100% U.S. onshore services.

Trained Experts
Our specialists are highly trained and are experts in their field. Your area of expertise is in operating your business. Our knowledge and expertise is in administrative, secretarial, and word- processing services, thereby providing you with a high degree of accuracy and fast turnaround times. We are highly trained in the newest technology and are well-versed in all versions of Microsoft Office products, such as Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

Cost Effective
There is no project that is too small or too large — we are here to support your business needs. Our office is equipped with the latest technology and software programs which allow us to perform any project with great efficiency and productivity. There is no additional equipment to purchase and we have the necessary licenses to work with Microsoft Office. You only pay for the time required to complete the project.

Time Effective

We are focused on your project 100% of the time — guaranteed. This allows you to instead focus on your business or family.

We pride ourselves in providing a high-quality service with exceptional standards, each and every time. We are reliable, trustworthy, and value client confidentiality, so you have peace of mind knowing your project is being undertaken by professionals.

We take pleasure in being able to work closely with our clients, being supportive, proactive, and providing a friendly, high-quality service that results in achieving your business goals.


Virtual Administrative Assistant / Secretary
Services include but is not limited calendar management, concierge service, conference calls, contact management, data entry, electronic document filing support, faxing, Internet/phone research, mailings, message services, printing, scheduling, transcription support, travel arrangements,
document clean-up, document conversion, formatting, indexing, labels, mail merges , PDF creation, redline comparisons, revisions, transcription, and typing.

Word Processing and Document Formatting
Document Creation: Our specialists can assist in creating a large variety of documents. This includes but is not limited to: covers and spines for books, binders, mailing labels, business cards, flyers, postcards, cover letters, receipts, résumés, mailing envelopes, closing books, closing CDs, closing transcripts, memoranda, Word templates, legal documents (e.g., response shells, pleading templates, etc.), financial documents (e.g., annual and quarterly reports, proxy statements, etc.), application/intake forms.

   TypingOur highly trained specialists type up to 120 words per minute with 98% accuracy and we encourage our specialists to consistently work on improving their typing skills on a regular basis. This allows us to be able to complete any statistical input in an efficient manner, which, in turn, also saves our clients unnecessary expenses.  
        EditingThis process analyzes the structure and quality of your work’s organization, the flow of the material, and accuracy of the content, where applicable.

        Copy EditingOur specialists will verify proper formatting, style, and accuracy of text, to make your content as readable as possible.

        ProofreadingProofreading is essential! Proofreading ensures proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling, guaranteeing content that reads flawlessly. Documents that contain typographical and grammatical errors reflect poorly on the organization that created them. Proofreading is a difficult task, especially when deadlines are looming and your staff is juggling multiple responsibilities. Our proofreading services ensure that your documents are accurate, consistent, and aesthetically appealing.

        Our comprehensive training and safeguards ensure high quality. Word-for-word analyses and careful attention to detail enable our associates to catch even the most hard-to-find errors that might otherwise go unnoticed. We can work with your firm’s standards and style guides to ensure that all output conforms to your specifications.
We offer copy and duplication services on a small scale. This includes copying and duplicating black and white prints, color prints, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, and USBs.
The number of recording devices available today makes the capture of spoken word easier and more convenient than ever. But transcribing the output into written format continues to be a time-consuming task — especially when administrative staff members are juggling multiple responsibilities. We accept all audio formats. We can provide our own templates, or we can tailor them to suit your specific needs.

1-on-1 Training
We offer 1-on-1 training on basic computer functions, and advanced training on Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook software application.

How to Get Service

Getting started is easy. Just submit your project via e-mail, the project drop box or by using the contact page. Once you submit your project, we will review and reply with an agreement and an estimate on the total cost and time to complete your request. 

Price List

Due to the unique nature of each project, pricing is based on specific needs and expectations of each client. Accurate pricing is set following an initial telephone consultation, during which your expectations, timeline, and desired outcome will be identified.

We offer a comprehensive business administrative and word processing services in a virtual environment and my clients only pay for the hours that they use per month. We offer services on a project-by-project basis and as a monthly contracted resource. Note: Each project is subjected to a one hour minimum base charge.

Additional Charges that may apply

Printing: The first 25 pages of each project are provided; each additional page is $.05. Note: It is our practice to print a working copy and a final copy to ensure a high quality product. Any additional printing requests beyond the working copy or the final copy will be billed at $.25 per page for black and white prints and $0.50 per page for color prints.

Scanning:  $0.45 per page.

Fax Pages: $0.20 per page.

CDs/DVDs: $5.00 per CD/DVD and will be provided in a paper CD envelope; $0.75 per CD
jewel case/DVD case; $0.25 per adhesive CD sleeve.
Delivery Services: The cost for e-mailing of documents to customer during the course of the job is included in the cost of the work. All U.S. Mail, Express Delivery, UPS and courier service charges will be billed to customer at cost.

Document Changes: Additions or revisions: Four (4) follow-up changes by the customer per job will be included at no additional charge. All requests for changes by the customer after the fourth (4th) may be billed in accordance with the rate the job is being charged. Changes and/or corrections made AFTER the customer has “signed off” on the proof and the job has been printed will be billed in accordance with the job rate.
Excessive Communications: The time involved for e-mails and phone calls with customer in excess of three (3) per day will be charged at the basic hourly rate.

In addition to the charges above, clients will reimburse me with any special order requests beyond items listed here.

Software List

Listed below are the standard software programs that we have access to; this list is descriptive but not exhaustive:

  •  Microsoft Word
  •  Microsoft Excel
  •  Microsoft PowerPoint
  •  Microsoft Outlook
  •  Microsoft OneNote
  •  Microsoft Access
  •  Adobe Acrobat X Professional
  •  For The Record Player
  •  Omnipage
  • West E-Transcript Viewer
  • WinZip
  • WordPerfect

In addition to the software programs listed above, we have experience in the following applications:

  •  iCreate by Esquire Innovations
  •  iDocID by Esquire Innovations
  • iHyperstyles by Esquire Innovations
  • HotDocs by Lexus Nexus
  •  DocXTools by Microsystems
  •  Best Authority by Levitt & James


Your skills are solid, and I appreciate your quick responsiveness, turn-around time and professionalism



I'm so glad I found you, every professional needs a Beth on their side. Thanks again for your hard work.


Beth is a very professional person who provides very professional services. We now attempt to contract with Beth every time we need a transcriptionist because she is always so professional and timely. Highly recommend Beth!


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